Wood Therapy

Experience the benefits of wood therapy, a therapeutic technique using natural wood. Our services include:

Therapeutic Massages Using Wood Therapy Techniques

At Galas, we offer therapeutic massages that utilize wood therapy techniques to provide you with a unique experience of relaxation and well-being. During these massages, our expert therapists use different wooden instruments such as rollers, cups, and sticks to apply specific movements on your body. These sliding, pressing, and kneading movements, combined with the texture and natural warmth of the wood, help relieve muscle tension, reduce stress, and improve blood circulation. Wood therapy promotes deep relaxation and allows you to immerse yourself in a unique therapeutic experience.

Cellulite Reduction and Body Toning with Wood Therapy:

In addition to its therapeutic benefits, wood therapy is also known for its effects on cellulite reduction and body toning. By using different wooden tools specifically designed for these problematic areas, our therapists will apply special movements and techniques that help break down fat deposits and improve the appearance of the skin. Wood therapy stimulates the lymphatic system and circulation, facilitating the elimination of toxins and reducing cellulite. Furthermore, the specific movements of the wood contribute to toning and firming the tissues, achieving a smoother and firmer appearance.

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